Welcome to the all new Cordell Designs website. We’ve been scrambling over the last month to get this finished before the new year. We’ve been turning out some top notch work for all of our clients, but our site was left in the early 2000’s. The website hadn’t been touched for the better half of three years and we thought it should be at least as good as the work we were putting our for our clients or ideally, BETTER! The old site was built entirely from scratch using php, html, and css. This time we decided to go with the WordPress CMS and build the site. It is much quicker and easier to add and remove content. We will be using this page for the latest news from the Cordell Designs camp, tips and tricks for different technology and graphic related items, and any updates that we think you should know about.

Thank you for visiting and stop by our Portfolio and view some of the work we’ve done. We look forward to 2016 and providing our customer’s with the best experience possible.