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My ole buddy Jason from Cooncrete Decorative Construction contacted me about a logo and business cards. He sent me a few images to illustrate what direction he was looking to go. I decided to take a hand drawn image that he had done and then add some new elements that we knew needed to be [...]

Vaughn, Brad

I was commissioned to create this for a Christmas present for my brother's Father-in-law. I vectored the Corporal insignia and the Marines logo. This is etched vinyl applied to a mirror.

Olney Public Library


We were contacted by a couple board members for the Olney Public Library about creating an updated and cleaner version of the website that they had at that time. We had a meeting with Charlotte and Judy about the direction they wanted to go with the new site. We hashed out some of the key elements of [...]

Schemerhorn, Courtney

Courtney approached me with an idea for some home decor projects she was trying to finish up for Christmas gifts. She sent me some sample images and the verbiage that she was wanting. I drew up the artwork and sent her sample images. Once she gave the OK on the images, I cut the vinyl and [...]

Blank Construction Inc.


Ryan at Blank Construction Inc. contracted us to design him a logo and business cards for his new company. We met and decided on some elements of the design and then I took that information back to the office with me and started the process. He had a set of colors that he really wanted [...]

Resilient Health & Performance

Resilient Health & Performance (RHP) came to us looking to build their website. Having worked with one of the companies owners on previous projects, we already had a jump on the project by knowing what they were looking for. Resilient Health & Performance wanted a clean, modern, and informative website to connect with their current clientele [...]